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Long-Lasting Vehicle Protection

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For decades, flimsy wax coats have been the only way to protect car paint. Ceramic coatings are changing that!

This incredible technology delivers an impervious, glossy layer that sheds water and dirt as well as providing long-term UV protection. Gone are the days of repetitive waxing — you can keep your vehicle looking gorgeous with minimum effort. Come see us at CM3 Detailing in Elgin, Illinois, and use our rental car option to stay on the move.

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We’re delighted to offer the best ceramic coatings in the industry. During your appointment, we will:

  • Hand wash your vehicle

  • Remove stubborn contaminants like bugs, tar, and tree sap

  • Remove and correct paint defects

  • Apply ceramic coating to the exterior paint, trim, plastic, and wheel faces *extra fee may apply

  • Clean the windows

  • Get you back on the road in no time

Ceramic Coating


Authorized Owners Pride® and Opti-Coat® Dealers

At CM3 Detailing, we want to offer our clients the best possible ceramic coating options. Throughout our testing and industry research, we have concluded that ceramic coats from Owners Pride® and Opti-Coat® offer the highest quality results that are much longer lasting than traditional car waxing. When you get ceramic coating from us, you can count on our five- or seven-year warranty! This gives you the freedom to enjoy ceramic coatings on your terms. Both options come with coverage, so you can depend on us to keep the coating at its best over time. If you have any issues with your ceramic coating during the term of your warranty, you can contact our team to learn how we will quickly and easily resolve the problems!

How Ceramic Coating Protects Your Car

For years and years, vehicle owners have relied on flimsy waxes to give their cars a nice sheen and protect its finish for a few weeks or months from the hazards of the road. The paint and finish on your vehicle can be one of the most expensive parts of the car to repair, but it often gets neglected.

Most vehicles come with a clear coat of paint on top of the color to keep the paint protected, and waxes or sealants are meant to keep the clear coat from chipping or wearing down. On average, waxing only lasts three to six months, which means you’ll constantly need to refresh this temporary layer on your vehicle. Because these layers aren’t super durable, they can even still be susceptible to damages while driving.

Ceramic coatings have been designed to change all of that! These are polymer-based liquids that get installed by hand by the expert team at CM3 Detailing. Once the polymers are dry and finished, they are extremely resistant to:

  • UV rays

  • Chemicals

  • Swirling

  • Water spotting

  • And more


Save Time And Money With A Ceramic Coating

While the initial price of a ceramic coat may seem pricey to you, consider all the money you will spend over the next several years on washing and waxing services. Even if you do these regularly by yourself, the time and investment in materials will quickly add up! Plus, ceramic coating will bond with the clear coat on your vehicle, becoming a permanent part of your car that will not need to be refreshed or reapplied!

When we are installing your ceramic coat, our team will also perform a full paint correction on your car to ensure there are no imperfections under the ceramic coat. This buffs out any scratches, dents, and other scuffs on the paint or body of your car.


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When you are ready to get a high-quality, long-lasting solution for your vehicle, look no further than ceramic coating from CM3 Detailing! Contact our Elgin shop today or stop by to learn more about how we will help your vehicle shine for years to come.

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